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Podcast Novel Review: Cheating, Death by Teel McClanahan III

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Genre: Horror (Zombie-movie)

I’ve been a fan of Teel McClanahan III ever since listening to the podcast version of Untrue Tales… Book One. Cheating, Death is a unique take on the zombie-movie genre. I have to say that in spite of some people’s complaints about the main character, Melvin Spall, I found him absolutely hilarious. He is indecisive when it comes to life outside of his workplace. He is cheating on his wife, Frances, with a much younger woman, Stacey, and is there at ground zero when a car pileup ends in the release of zombies into a highway of people. What will follow over the next day will end in Denver Colorado being a fight for survival for those still alive, and the descent into madness by both Frances and Melvin.

Teel does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life and giving them a credibility. He also shows how quickly human beings can make a situation worse. What I really dig about this story, is that the author doesn’t dumb things down in any regard. The book is shot to a mature audience that can stomach gore and the various emotional elements faced by some of the characters. The reading is killer as well, lending weight to an already well-written novel. Overall, I highly recommend you guys check this sucker out, because it is a great listen.

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