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The War of Time

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From an early age, I can recall my mother telling me that she was still 21. Sometimes it was meant as a joke between adults, but other times it was an attempt to hold on to her youth verbally. As a kid, I spent time poking my tongue out whenever I’d tattle on her. It was always meant to make her grin, and she took it as such.

Now that I am a bit older than she was when in the midst of my fun, I am beginning to notice long strands of silver hair in my head. It is almost shocking seeing those streaks of color as they infringe on the dark brown, and I often pull them out. It is that constant reminder that I am not a kid anymore, and that eventually I will see nothing but gray hair in my noggin.

Sure, there are numerous advantages offered by having gray hair. For starters, I will be able to dye my hair gnarly colors that would otherwise require heavy bleach-jobs. Heavy bleaching sometimes goes wrong which can lead to major hair catastrophes such as an entire head of hair falling out (if my source is anything to go by). Gray hair is a light color to begin with, which means that I don’t have to bleach. So, electric blue hair will eventually be a real long-term option.

There are numerous other benefits, but one thing that I hope that I will ever do is lie about my age. For me, it is denying the truth of the matter that the body eventually goes through processes leading to joint trouble, lower elasticity of the skin and eventual memory loss, to name a few. By lying, you are denying the chance to stare bravely into the future. I’d like to think that I will never lie about my age anytime down the track, but the fact is that I may fall to fear in the face of major biological changes. We would all like to hold on to our youth, but unless we are insane we will eventually have to face facts that there is no fountain of youth.

Next year I turn 33 years of age. I expect to see more gray hairs and some more wrinkles, but I will endeavor to live a life that supports good health. I will exercise, eat well, learn, create, make friends and have fun playing games. I won’t let fear rule me, but I am not so stupid as to think that good health magically appears out of nowhere. I will put in the effort to keep my body in as good a shape as I can and pat my back when I reach goals. I will dare to make healthy choices so that I can be with my loved ones as long as possible.

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