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World of Keiko 10/23/2010

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Hello again! It has been several days longer than I wanted to leave this post, but these servers have had some problems since a major import of former MSN Spaces customers. This has meant difficulty in signing in to even the global dashboard of my account and inability to sign-in to individual domains. It has been frustrating, but I refuse to slight for the problems, because I know that the crew has been working overtime to get everything setup for the newcomers to the service. Now to the news…


One Orange Kyak

Image by future15pic via Flickr

Last Thursday, my husband and I bought a tandem kyak to use in the surf for exercise. So far, we’ve only taken it out a couple of times, the frequency restricted by work schedule. The first time was on Friday morning. It was overcast and drizzling, but in spite of the resistance of the waves, it was a great two hours. The problem was, we didn’t feel the exhaustion until the following morning, and was husband was a bright red color due to sunburn due to fair skin. Thursday afternoon of this week, my husband surprised me after he returned from work by saying that he wanted to go out again. I was stoked. This time around we avoided the problems of the previous week by going in for a shorter duration, and actually going to a spot where our feet wouldn’t get cut up by rocks. It was at a small boat club with several ramps of differing sizes, and lots of sand. The see was somewhat calm this time, and we got to test speed and endurance, rather than strength and stupidity.

It is a really fun hobby, and one that will set you back a bit to begin with, but once you have all of the gear, you’ll mainly have to deal with maintenance of your equipment, which consists of plenty of washing. The kyak itself costed about $1200 from BCF, with roof mountings, paddles and my safety vest costing about $400. We ended up shelling out another $40 on boating shoes and a side paddle as well just before we went out, and will like pay another $150 on bodysuits in the next few weeks. All of our equipment has been purchased from BCF.

As for my weight, I weighed in at exactly 59 kg on Wednesday night. My running times are around the 28:30 minute time for the 4.38 km. I am progressing toward my goal of 50 kg and a sub-26 minute time at a steady pace, though I am beginning to grow a bit impatient. I know that I have to hold those thoughts in check, but I want it now – dammit!


Microsoft Office 2007 Logo

Image via Wikipedia

I haven’t been writing much over the past week, but I have spent some time doing world-building. It is one of those things that I have neglected in the last year but something essential to getting a good understanding of the world you are playing in. One of the things that I have started doing, is using headings and major organization of my world-building documents. This allows easy navigation and aesthetics to any given document. In the next week or so, I will try to take some time out to post my tips on how to use Office 2007 for this purpose, though I suspect it is a no-brainer to most of you.

Due to a weird schedule, I haven’t been able to synchronize with my collaboration buddies in Tampa. This has been a bit annoying, but I seriously need to pull my finger out and use other methods of communication, such as email. I have to take responsibility for my own slackness, but I hope I can offer good ideas to the collaboration sooner rather than later.  Sorry about that, Bobby and Jessica!

I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like either, but now that some of my time is freed up, I think I will be able to listen some of the new fiction podcast on my iTunes account. I have found a few that seem quite promising, but reviews may take a while to post. If I don’t post for a while, don’t hesitate to use your nag power to prompt me, because I do get caught up in other stuff.


World of Warcraft

Image via Wikipedia

World of Warcraft released several new patches over the last week and a half. Some folks are annoyed at having to relearn their class based on these changes, but I find the changes somewhat less annoying than having to deal with out-of-date addons. I have started using SmartBuff, Vendomatic and DOTimer as well, which has led to me becoming an immediate fan. I have had to dump AutoVendor, but Vendomatic is a great upgrade that does a lot of extra stuff that help speed up gameplay. SmartBuff is an addon that I was confused with at first, then I realized that it is one of those addons that you have to customize based on the abilities available to the specific characters. When coupled with DOTimer, party or raid play is made a lot easier. I highly recommend these three addons.


iTunes Icon

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve had to make some major changes to my iTunes library after I was silly enough to click on a few  settings. This has led to numerous copies of each files being found in several locations chewing up lots of hard drive space. It took ages, but I seem to have dealt with most of the problems now. Moral to the story: Think about the consequences of an action before you click an option.

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