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World of Keiko: 08/29/2010

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Another week has gone by. It has been somewhat surreal but filled with numerous possibilities as I started going over numerous dusty manuscripts in an attempt to breath new life into them. I have been somewhat slack in posting on the fiction blog during this time, but I promise that I am going to post some new material sometime in the next three days. As for exercise, I started a new regime on Monday – one that I know will bring great results if I stick with it.


I have been regularly exceeding my hour minimum of writing each weekday of late. I have dusted off a few old manuscripts as well, though I still need to do some work on them before I am willing to post on the fiction blog. And yes, I know I haven’t posted anything on that blog in over a week, but I promise you that I am going to post some previously unreleased fiction over the next few days.

In other related news, I have rejoined Liberty Hall Writers, a great community for writers that love to push themselves and improve their skills. It is a great group of people and I can’t even describe how much I have learned from them since first joining LHW years ago. I am going to post my first flash challenge in over a year soon but even though it is disqualified from the voting process, I feel pretty good about it.


I have decided to change the frequency that I blog specific content. This is as a direct result of the realization that I am neglecting some of my interests. As such, you will see more wildlife videos posted as well as the occasional post about exotic pets. You will probably notice some of these post already popping up in the feed of this specific blog. For now, I am going to post new material on my fiction blog at intervals of around once a week unless some inspiration comes to me. The fiction posts are my way of improving the quality of the content rather than a turning-away of my readers. And yes, I am still looking for comments and suggestions over at that blog and believe this will never change because mastering your storytelling skills is a never-ending job. There is always a new story to tell and a new way to say it.


The new exercise routine now consists of a 4km run, and 5 sets of the following: 15 push-ups (minor incline which sill become a decline when my strength improves some more), 30 crunches and 45 star-jumps. It may not seem like much, but my muscles seem to be gaining strength. There are some annoying side-line problem that I have to deal with. In the case of inner thigh chafing, it usually goes away after the first two weeks of a new running schedule.

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