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Exotic Pets: Charlotte the Hedgehog

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A few years back my husband and I traveled over to the USA to visit his family. It was a cool trip with lots of cool experiences, one of which sticks in my mind with such awesomeness that I can’t help but smile whenever I remember it. We went to a flea market out in the middle of nowhere some distance away from a zoo where we could hear the loud sounds of Howler Monkeys doing their thing. As we walked around all of the stalls I noticed one selling some pets. Upon a quick scan I noticed something that I’d only ever seen on documentaries: a Pygmy Hedgehog. The precious little creature was sitting in a cage trying to make itself comfy next to some old towels. I hovered for a bit trying to gather my courage to reach in and pat it. When I finally did, the petite hedgehog began to coo and vibrate. I’ve heard that Hedgehogs make wonderful pets, but if it is legal in Queensland. It is something I intend looking up though, as I really do think they’d make a great companion.

In the case of the hedgehog in the following video, she is happily attacking and munching on some Cilantro. I love the way she strikes at the branch thoughtfully before chewing at it. She has a lot on her face that suggests her business-like agenda. I suppose that even domesticated pets prefer their meals uninterrupted, and I would think that Charlotte might be inclined to growl at anybody or anything that would interfere with this very important activity. All in all, she is a pretty good example of the type of hedgehog that I had the pleasure of patting all of those years ago.

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