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Exotic Pets: Foxy and Sayleh the Fennec Foxes

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Fennec Fox (耳廓狐)

Image by eviltomthai via Flickr

I have loved foxes for as long as I can remember. The following are a subspecies of fox referred to as Fennec Foxes that are indigenous to the Sahara Desert. There are slightly smaller than their forest counterparts and have trademark ears that my hubby likened to those of a rabbit when he saw another video of Fennecs earlier this evening. They are the basis for one of my fictional characters, an immortal shapeshifter named Micah. He can change into a desert fox for long periods at a time to recharge, even as long as centuries, though his connection with that primal self tends to make him a little odd. In conclusion, Fennec Foxes are freaking awesome and cute as a button!

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