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World of Keiko: 08/17/2010



Some good news on the health front as the flu quickly recedes. It has been a long, difficult fortnight, but I am really stoked that I am feeling human again. Not that I was feeling an alien or anything like that, but I certainly didn’t feel completely myself as I coughed and croaked about the house. I am not at a point to start exercising again, but I expect to be back to some sort of schedule come next Monday.


Plenty of news in the writing department over the last few days as the collaboration between myself and one of my writer buddies commenced. Most of the basic world-building stuff has been discussed so far and the wiki we’ve started is beginning to take shape. Pretty cool stuff so far, and I can honestly say that I am really digging what we’re coming up with so far. It has also sparked the first major story idea as well. More information to be released when I have more to add.

In other writing news, I am also doing more work on Supaiku, Oracle Chronicles, Totem Chronicles and Elven Gunslinger. Although the first draft of chapter #1 for Supaiku was written during a freewrite, I have decided that there is enough information to start working on the prologue and some bare-bones wiki. Oracle Chronicles is a major fantasy undertaking with numerous religious themes. So far, I have written a prologue and first chapter for the Warden series, and have made major headway for a mini-series (short story) on one of the major characters, Jonathan Crowley. The first chapter of the Totem Chronicles was a bit of a rush, taking on a superhero appeal even if it isn’t your typical hero story. As for Elven Gunslinger, I made some amendments to the first chapter and am making headway of the first draft of chapter 2, but I still feel a little annoyed with it. Then again, everything needs work as I am still learning how to craft a story. I have to say that out of all of the stories I am (simultaneously working on with others), I get the best vibe from the Totem Chronicles so far because of a stronger connection with the characters. However, I still have a lot of work to do, so it will be a while before I have enough material to start a webserial.

I have started working on a wiki the Oracle Chronicles, but I think I might need to create one for the Totem Chronicles just so I can keep my notes organized. I can really see the importance of keeping a wiki now that I am back to a more regular writing schedule. It just keeps your material in a place that isn’t prone to HDD crashes and if there is a problem with PBWorks, the onus is on the provider to backup the information. Though people can use the likes of OneNote if they have MS Office, I prefer to rely on a hosted wiki service because it relies less on others having the software.


I have managed to keep up my blogging schedule and then some of late, something that I am pretty happy with. However, due to a move to working on chapters rather than freewrites, I haven’t been posting a lot of material on the fiction blog of late. I am not too worried though, as I am beginning to feel comfortable with fiction writing again.


I am back to playing World of Warcraft again. It feels odd, but I will start leveling my wee toons as soon as I am back to full health. I am still heavily distracted by other stuff, but I think that will pass after I get used to it again.


I heard last night that one of our long-time roleplaying buddies finally left on a plane for the USA yesterday. He is heading over to be with his fiance in Indiana that we met while playing Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO). Though we will miss him, Mark is with a great lady, a person that I am happy to count among my friends. Thanks for the friendship, Eliza – I look forward to seeing the wedding photos. ::heart::

I also started a nag routine for a friend of mine needing some extra encouragement as he attempts to finish his Kanji language coursework. It is funny that I am using the power for good rather than evil, but it is better than not being used at all. 😀 And besides, I need to improve my karma a bit. Yes, you too can have access to this service and many more for the limited time offer of… ROFLMAO Nuff said!

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2 thoughts on “World of Keiko: 08/17/2010

  1. Yup, it has been a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot! Can’t wait to see how our story progresses.

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