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Exotic Pets: Waddles the Skunk


Raccoons and Skunk eating

Image via Wikipedia

I have a fascination with a number of animals and one that has a rather poor reputation is the rather cute mammal known as the Skunk. Heck, even the name is made to deter you away from the creature. However, the following video is of a woman that keeps one named Waddles as a pet. He’s had his scent gland removed to avoid pungent smells, but seems like a happy little soul as he wanders the tiles and makes mischief. In the video, he is a bit restless, but is no less gorgeous. ::heart::

P.S. If you go to the Skunk page on wikipedia you will see an uber-cute image of a person holding a Skunk kit in the palm of their hand. Cute factor: 5 zillion 😀

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2 thoughts on “Exotic Pets: Waddles the Skunk

  1. I like skunks, too. These racoons are cute, too.

    If I had a pet skunk, I’d definitely name it Pepe Le Pew.

    • Skunks have a lot more personality than goldfish, that is for sure. And raccoons are pretty smart as well. I really picture myself having pygmy hedgehogs, sugar-gliders and lizards as pets but I bet there would be plenty of issues with licensing and whatnot. As for ferrets, in spite of my long-time desire to have one as a pet, they are illegal in this state. 😦

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