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World of Keiko 08/12/2010


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It has been a difficult week, but I have managed to get so much achieved in spite of this damned flu. Yes, I am still sick, but instead of the other symptoms I am stuck with the cough, which is worse than the others because of the increased mucous production that makes it difficult to breath and swallow. This has resulted in asthma and a throat that is so inflamed that it really hurts. I have my voice back at least even if it is very rough at times. It has got to the point where I’ve started drinking hot water with my medications just so I can get them down, as well as having to cut my paracetamol tablets in halves because they carve up my throat in normal size (not very thought out on the part of Coles). If I look at this from a neutral standpoint, I can’t help but respect the strain. As annoying and painful as it is, I have managed to lower my immune system due to my lifestyle, making it possible to do a lot more damage than it might have done otherwise.

As for writing and blogging, I delayed a few posts due to the sickness over the last week as it has been difficult to sit uninterrupted for any length of time without being struck by coughing fits. That being said, I have managed to get quite a bit done, including the expansion of a few projects which includes Judge and Elven Gunslinger, both standalone series. I have learned a bit while researching posts as well reminding me of how the world is connected. It is something that lets me know just how small the world really is.

I also forgot to let you guys know that my writing buddy Avery K. Tingle recently posted an entry about his current top 10 twitter follows and I was mentioned. ::heart:: Avery is one cool guy and I am proud to have him as one of my friends. To read the entry go here.

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