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Goal-Setting Versus Sickness

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Over the span of one’s life, we learn lots of different things and pick up lots of different habits. For me, I picked up the inclination to shoot so far out of my skill level that stuff like writing became intimidating. Up until recently, I still held this mindset in spite of knowing how much it hurt productivity, efficiency and creativity.

The notion of goal-setting isn’t a new idea, and some of you will no doubt have a few game-plans already in place so that you can work towards said goal. It helps us organize our priorities, but what happens when it all goes awry due to things such as illness?

This is where flexibility of your goals comes in. If you have decided to post a blog entry every day, then you shouldn’t be upset when you are stuck in bed with the flu or a broken arm. It is okay to delay your goals if something more important comes up.

This is something that I have learned in the past week, being that I have been down for the count with a nasty flu. I have managed to finish a lot of my fiction-writing tasks, but I have found that my body needs a lot more rest compared to usual due to a nasty cough that heavily disrupts sleeping patterns.

It really is okay to take time off to recover from sickness or injury. Put things on hold for a bit so that you can attend to the business of getting well because the current flu strain is one that can take weeks to recover from. It will help save you lots of time later as well and might give you the chance to bring all of those projects into perspective.

In conclusion, the main thing that I have learned recently is that it is okay to take time off to recover from sickness. I have also learned that it is best to show respect for illnesses such as the flu because they are capable of taking lives. And lastly, your goals need to be strong enough and flexible enough to survive these periods of illness.

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