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World of Keiko 08/02/2010


It is time for another update, and I have been pretty busy the past few weeks since I last posted one of these entries. I’ve been writing, blogging, exercising, gardening and catching the flu. Yay! I will posting about some other personal stuff in a day or so when I have managed to digest it properly, as it isn’t something that I want to post about haphazardly.


Yep, I am writing a lot more regularly of late, posting freewrites on a weekday basis on my fiction blog. It has led to pre-existing worlds expanding greatly as well as new material altogether. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the work is horrid, but I wasn’t looking for polished writing during a 60-minute timed writing exercise – no Siree.

I have been dusting off some of my old manuscripts of late, and a few have grabbed my eye. In the past few days in particular, I have spent some time working on the story of Gatsukaiko and Ethan, entitled Fox and Wolf. I posted the first draft of the prologue on the fiction blog a while back if anybody is interested. I spent a bit of timing working the Rebellion novel as well, another fantasy novel, with less focus on races than the other world that Fox and Wolf is set in.

I have been using Wikis on and off for world-building which has really helped to keep track of my ideas. I have been posting the IWL analysis for the work I post on the fiction blog of late, which has led me to take a look at authors I’d never read before, such as Stephanie Meyer. Yep, I know this particular name might make some people cringe, but I have to encourage you to avoid the niche groups that are goofy teens that love Edward or people that hate her books because of some pre-existing idea of what Vampires should be like. Like or hate her writing based on the content, not peer pressure. Just saying!


Blogging is back to a regular schedule, with no less than 5 posts a week on KeikoFic and Keiko Online. It feels pretty good to be sharing stuff with you guys again. When I get a new battery for my phone, I will posting on Keiko Photo again.


Exercise has been a pretty hard slog of late. In spite of previous attempts to lose weight, I seem to be building muscle mass. I don’t mind this, so long as I can keep a steady routine.


I got a whipper-snipper and some pruning snips last week and have been pruning like mad. However, the yard is still a mess. When my hubby recovers from the flu, I will get him to put the whipper-snipper together, then I will mow and trim the yard. Regardless, a few of the plants were bugging me are looking a lot neater now.


I have had the flu since Friday. Symptoms include: headaches, sore joints, weak muscles, nausea, hot and cold flushes, ear ache and a nasty cough. I have managed to dodge the cough so far, but my hubby has had it since Thursday, the poor man. It really isn’t something that I would wish on anybody. I hope you all stay clear of this particular strain, because it sticks around for quite  a while and is seems to have a long incubation period to boot, meaning that you can carry it for quite a few days before showing symptoms.

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