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Collaboration: Round Robin


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When I first married my husband, we used to play roleplaying games such as Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited. It was my first taste of pen-and-paper RPG’s and I couldn’t help but recall those days with fondness. I remember all of those rules books laying sprawled on the floor and can’t help but smile. It was the vibe of the game atmosphere as friends came together and had fun trying to make sense of the mysteries and challenges put before us, whether we were playing either side of the moral spectrum.

There was one game in particular that I enjoyed most of all from those early times and it hasn’t been matched for versatility ever since. The general gist was as such: each person takes turns at GM’ing the game, with specific characters controlled by their designated player when the individual returns from Game Master duties. That game rocked because we never knew what was around the corner. Oddly enough, it held solid for absolutely ages as well, something that some of our gaming buddies have long forgotten due to junk food, family life and for some, an ample amount of grog.Since then we have moved onto other game systems, but that game campaign will continue to live on in my memory.

I have always wanted to try this out in the long-term for a writing project, but it hasn’t worked out so far due to other commitments getting in the way of participation. I would like to try it out again though with a few dedicated writers willing to spend some time mucking around and generally writing to enjoy the social aspect of the round robin collaboration. I am not sure if any of you are interested, but if I get any nibbles, we can discuss the details over instant messaging, email, Google Wave and/or some other digital method.


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2 thoughts on “Collaboration: Round Robin

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  2. I might be interested round robin collaboration. I’m trying to get my feet wet with fiction writing and this seems like a fun way to dive in. Please keep me in the loop if anything comes of it. Thanks!

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