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World of Keiko 07/18/2010

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On Friday morning, I made the decision of setting some firm goals for myself. This is assisted by Mozilla Sunbird, a program that I have tinkered with a bit in the past, but never made real use of. It has a bunch of features that allow you to set stand-alone and repeating tasks and events, along with a simple alarm feature that can be set to go off at certain times, with a snooze option that can be set to prompt you at certain intervals. However, the program needs to be started up manually as it doesn’t seem to have an option to start-up when you turn on your computer even when you go into the system configuration start-up options for Windows. Apart from this small inconvenience (very minor) I am beginning to get into better habits.


On the writing front, I have gone back to working on a story inspired by Jade Leary’s song Agnes and the Shadowlamb. The setting is dark fantasy in nature, where a country has gone from a somewhat righteous place to being infested with evil creatures and demon-worshippers over the span of a decade since the end of a war with a neighboring country. The main story centers around Gareth, a former captain from Karos. He was brought back to life along with his most loyal comrades after they attempted to stop other members of the army from murdering civilians in a town their force was occupying. Each member was blessed with certain gifts specific to their nature, but all were given immortality after pledging to protect the nation from the evil that has seeded within the borders. Their task is to stop souls from becoming a part of the dark legion, the spirits being reborn to atone for sins committed in their life – a second chance if you will. The dark legion is a place other than Heaven and Hell, and desires to unsettle the balance bringing death, destruction, chaos and corruption to the world. As Judges, these twelve are entrusted with disrupt the plans of the intelligence behind it. I can see epic battles in my mind’s eye, as these heroes take on hordes of demons and undead.I can also empathize with the main protagonist, a man that blames himself for the deaths of many during the war, having seen himself as a pawn of the Legion. Gareth is in an almost continual battle with that dark place within.(Or at least, that is the general image I currently have for the protagonist…)

My general plans for the week includes lots of world-building for Karos, the completion of a short story based on one of the other judges Gareth served with during the war, drafting, editing, lots of freewriting, work on twitter fiction, blogging and brainstorming. I think I might as well look back on some other stories sitting on the hard drive as well to see if I can flesh out the ideas even more this time around. I am going to make time to watch some anime as well as read fiction and books on writing technique to see how other storytellers tell their tales. “Why Anime?” Well, I am aiming for a certain style with my storytelling and this should help keep my style in check instead of all over itself. And this time around, I am going to be careful not to burn myself out this time, being sure to pace myself and change my workload as need allows. I am also going to have some fun by playing around with a bunch of resources at my disposal, such as pbworks, ywriter and writing prompts.


I am going to watch the end of Ergo Proxy this week. I have managed to get my husband hooked on it as well, with is a good thing. When he asked me whether it was kiddy, I was proud to say that this is a story for folks that enjoy more complex storylines. I could also say that the themes and action sequences weren’t for kids either. Most adults would avoid showing small children monsters splattering people in a supermall, as is seen in the second episode. So, in the end I could honestly say that it was a show for adults, which was enough for him to watch it. Now he is up to where I got to, which means that we have 3 episodes to go.

I have watched about 5 episodes through The Vision of Escaflowne now. I remember reading rave reviews of the anime version years ago, but my first experience with the series was via the fan-translated manga. It intrigued me enough to borrow out the anime, and I have to say that it is quite neat. However, there are some silly mushy schoolgirl stuff going on within the story, which will probably disinterest some viewers. I must admit that I like how the writer/s mixed mech with a fantasy setting. There has been some cool action sequences and plenty of intrigue so far, but I guess we will have to wait and see how the series progresses.

Three series that I intend to watch sometime during the next month are:

  1. X (Clamp series)
  2. Code Geass
  3. Death Note

There is a bunch of other anime on the list of shows to watch, but these three seem to fit with my recent need to write darker fiction. Perhaps it has been a subconscious need to try something new instead of cutesy fiction, or maybe therapy of a sort. “…To battle the demons within, we must first know how to combat those without.” I have had my own share of darkness in my life, and I find that a good story can help you make sense of even the deepest shadow.


Exercise seems to be getting results, as I am getting stronger. I really wish that I was losing more weight though. I am also keeping ahead on housework and whatnot, which is something as well. I am rationing off my gaming time as needed, which is giving me quality time with hubbs. The other guildies are still off doing their own thing, which is annoying, but I am getting used to it. That being said, there are still a couple of our friends that sign in regularly enough to game with, which is something. I think I may need to learn how to write more complex macros for World of Warcraft though, to save on some button-clicking, but that is another thing entirely.


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