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Collage of Summer Memories

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Now that it is winter in the southern hemisphere, I am seeing all of these prompts regarding summer from services based elsewhere. It is interesting seeing all of these responses about the place, and it reminds me of what makes summer so full of opportunities. My own favorite summer memory is less of a specific event and more of a collage of different perceptions jumbled together.

The first is the smell of the ocean as it rolls, crashes and recedes back into the abyss. It is soothing because I know that the tides will return again soon enough. I can also smell an array of different food cooking on a gas BBQ, often attracting a host of different insects. It is a smell that offers comfort as BBQ's are a chance to be with loved ones.

The second is the sound of people playing on the beach and dogs barking as the join in on the fun. It is this surge of activity that breaths new life into muscles that were hibernating during winter.

The third is the sight of people playing cricket in parks and on beaches. It is this healthy piece of competition that offers exercise and the testing of one's own skill at the sport, as well as the need to work together as a team.

The fourth is the feel of sand between my toes as I walk along the beach, which will soon feel the cool sensation of tide as it rolls and recedes. It is almost meditative, as it is almost as if we are feeling nature's own pulse.

The fifth is the taste of BBQ snags on a slab of bread while we sit amongst loved ones and folks that may potentially become like family in time.


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