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Writing Diary: Rogue Universe (part 1)


A few months ago, I had an idea for a story about a group of mutants that have escaped from enslavement by alien overlords after the ship they are traveling goes through a metamorphic field that gives them powers. I saw the starting point as being a few years after they’ve integrated into human society, with the ship hovering in secret outside of gravity. It was a tale of individuals with a strong instinct to protect their species from the same fact that their own ancestors suffered more than 500 years past.

However, today I had a few developments in the seeding of this idea.

The first revolves around what will occur in the first chapter, which is now going to be about their escape and eventual journey to Earth. I saw this as a good chance to introduce some of the characters as well as the high level of technology that they are surrounded by. The blank spots still remain in what to call some of the individuals, which were originally going to be based off of their gifts. Right now, I am inclined to give them a code name and a birth name.

The second revolves around how long ago the first kidnappings began. The prologue will feature two powered individuals in Spain during the mid-14th century, which will suggest that some of their gifts have been suppressed by genetic experimentation. I really liked that idea, as it tells us a bit about both the original humans taken by the Tanfeq and the motives behind the Aliens doing it in the first place. I am hoping that it also points to a reason for the conflict as well. After all, what sort of story would it be without conflict?

Things to do…

  1. Read science fiction / superhero crossovers as well as science fiction and superhero standalone genre
  2. Research the middle ages, dark ages, and feudalism
  3. Research action sequences, martial arts and gun use
  4. Research aliens in literature
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3 thoughts on “Writing Diary: Rogue Universe (part 1)

    • Let’s just hope I can flesh this idea out a bit more. Even if I don’t finish the first few chapters right away, I can at least post notes on my blog to refer to later.

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