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Writing Diary: Zombies Vs Mutants


I awoke from an odd dream last night at 3 AM. It was replayed twice, but changed based on whether a child is left alone or saved. Our protagonist learns that a major illness is sweeping across the globe and that she must gather as many allies as possible for protection. In the first scenario, the child is forgotten and the kid’s uncle dies as a result of an attempted rescue, along with several other people who will be saved if our protagonist gets involved. In the second scenario, our protagonist (with some precognition) saves the child and goes to the bunker. In the time to come, the survivors will make runs to the outside world which is now plagued by zombies. They will soon learn that the protagonist is a powered mutant, able to cause those nasty zombies to internally combust by just one of her pyrokinetic gifts. In turn they will find others with unique powers as well, all the while trying to stop from being bitten or killed by the zombies.

Zombie Facts

  • A single mutant created the first zombie, and is the main bad guy
  • Zombies are quick, resilient, strong and will hunt a victim until the victim is dead or until the zombie is
  • Zombies gain powers from their victims, and are especially attracted to the flesh of mutants. This is gained from blood ingestion
  • It takes 5 days in the beginning for the plague to incubate, with the victim becoming more and more aggressive
  • While there is one that started the outbreak, there is a single mythical mutant that can inoculate the populous, but he lives off on an island  off of the coast of Santa Monica

Mutant Facts

  • Mutants were around for centuries before the outbreak of the Muerte virus
  • Mutant abilities range from minor gifts, to more global affects as the Muerte plague
  • Mutants sometimes have peculiar traits, which range from weird hair color to scaled skin, psychosis to heighten senses, extreme luck to uncontrolled release of their powers

Character Facts

  • The MC is a pyrokinetic
  • The uncle of the child is going to be a a love interest for the MC  once they work together for a bit. He is also ex-black ops
  • The child, Ngairre, has the gift to sense zombies

Well, that is it for my notes so far. I mainly posted them here to keep track of them in a forum that has some accountability. I am not sure when I will start work on this one, as it will take some time for the idea to incubate to a point where it is worth beginning the writing process. If any of you have good suggestions of books and films to use as good research points, post in the comments sections and I will try to get to the media ASAP.

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5 thoughts on “Writing Diary: Zombies Vs Mutants

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  2. This sounds exciting. I, too, find dreams to be a fertile source of material. And I love zombies! Can’t wait to see where you take this idea. I would definitely read something like this.

    • Good to see that you are busy at work as well. BTW, I also like the Koi theme that you recently commented on, but there is just something about Greyzed that seems to fit the current stage in my life. It is not just the Zombie-esque nature of one project, but more the grungy rebellion that is coming to the surface of my psyche. *looks around for bandanna before staring out over the expanse of the wasteland and spitting upon the dusty clay beside her feet*

  3. Ok first off, holy shit! I had a dream just an hour ago and it started off like any other dream, then zombies just rampaged all over my dream. Then at the end of my dream, as if I was actually viewing a movie; the main Zombie looked at me and it faded away into darkness. Then the only thing that I could see is writing that said, ZOMBIES VS MUTANTS; exactly like that. Weird, everyones dreaming about zombies.

    • There is an interesting lecture series on iTunes U entitled “Zombies! The Living Dead in Literature” from the University of Alabama, that does a great job of explaining the evolution of Zombies in the media over the past century. I found it quite informative, covering some films that I still haven’t got around to seeing yet. One of the big motivators for folks inclining towards zombie horror is the dislike of vampire teen angst/romance novels. Heaven knows I am getting a little sick of it, but I am not about to slam any author for their success.

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