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This week has been a busy one for me. Between lots of neglected housework that I needed to catch up on and exercise, it led to next to no time for writing. That being said, I had the pleasure of noticing an influx of dragonflies over the past few days.

I first noticed it on the first day of mowing. As I said in my recumbent bike exercising in the backyard late in the afternoon, I saw a precious dragonfly flying about the yard. I smiled as this rather large specimen fly from one side of the yard to the other, then back again, then to the neighbor’s place before returning again. It was a great distraction away from my grass-covered legs that were furiously moving on the bike as I listened to some music on my iPod.

The next day, I returned to mow the rest of the front yard and the back. Lo and behold, the entire yard, and neighborhood for that matter, was a mass of various types of dragonflies and moths. It was an awe-inspiring sight, and I wish I’d thought to video it on my mobile phone.

As for today, I think that the newly cut lawn has led to the insects moving to a different yard, though a few still remained around where the pumpkin vine is out the back. I actually felt lonely without them there to look at, and not even my 2 The West Exit albums could help. Thankfully, the third episode of Electricity by Myke Bartlett did, which made the exercise more bearable.


I recall living next to a dam once. None of us knew exactly how deep it was, but it was always covered in dragonflies. There would be hundreds of them flying just above the water-line, many of which were courting. It was a beautiful sight, and one that always took my breath away, because I saw these creatures as a symbol of freedom, energy and life. Their bodies were fragile at times, but this rainbow of iridescent wings showed strength and aerobatic prowess that I still see as unmatched in the insect family.


Many of us are unaware of the billions of tiny creatures that we come into contact with each day, some being beautiful than others. Regardless of how attractive a creature is, all beings have their own alien world in which we can marvel and appreciate on some level. An example of this for me, are spiders. Sure, spiders can be a symbol of death and horror, these creatures have a fascinating life cycle and eating habits. However, that doesn’t make arachnids cuddle-worthy. Nope, I am more of a cuddle-a-lamb or cuddle-a-rabbit sort of gal, mainly because these creatures are herbivores.

The questions that I am asking you as readers is: What creatures do you find fascinating? What makes them special in your eyes?


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