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Music Video – Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles


This goofy but entertaining song was a favorite of my household when I was growing for quite a few years, and led to many a stupid dance. The Bangles were such a cool girl rock band, but they seemed to fade out of view a few years after the success of the album that this song was first compiled. People move on to different things, and I assume that each of the band members went off to start families, or try out new careers. Perhaps this is worth a wikipedia search after all, to see what happened to these chickies.

P.S. Yes, As a young girl, I did awkwardly attempt to emulate the dance moves for the song, but for some reason I always managed to mess it up in new and interesting ways, therefore showing how uncoordinated I am. However, this never removed my fascination or appreciation for this silly song.

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5 thoughts on “Music Video – Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles

  1. I don’t know if they’re still gigging in real life, but it was pretty awesome to see them on Gilmore Girls a few years back! 😉


    • Some songs will become classics, while others will fade away into obscurity. Thankfully, this song has remained in the memories of many that grew up during the 80’s, regardless of musical taste. I might have to blog about my top 10 songs of the 80’s and compare them with what others post.
      BTW, did you see the cheeky look the lead singer gave in the latter stages of the song? I never noticed that until recently. Perhaps it is the advantage of seeing the film clip as an adult.

      • huh you know, I’d never noticed that. But, now that you mention it, that’s pretty cool ^_^

        Did you ever watch Labyrinth as a kid? I remember thinking that movie was the greatest thing ever. Even before I was able to recognize how incredible David Bowie’s music was, I knew that he was a badass after watching him in that movie.

        Recently I went back and watched Labyinth again. If you haven’t seen it in a while, I’d definitely reccomend checking it out now. It totally stand the test of time. And it plays completely differently to me now. Very cool stuff.

        Great idea with the 80’s tunes post! Maybe I’ll do an 80’s movie post as well. Labyinth will definitely make it up there.


      • It has been a couple of years since I saw Labyrinth last, but it was a fantastic musical. I will have to borrow it again from my sister-in-law some time. Trying to think of other musicals worth getting out.

  2. Little Shop of Horrors, for sure. There’s just something about seeing Rick Moranis singing to a massive anamtronic (I have no idea how to spell that) human-eating plant that just never gets old 🙂

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