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Matthew Wayne Selznick’s Bookcase Sessions 01 – Torn Apart


For a long time now, I have been a fan of Matthew Wayne Selznick, a creative that I first discovered via his podcast novel, Brave Men Run, which is now in print with Swarm Press. As years passed, he revealed on his personal blog a musical background, and would soon share with his friends and fans tracks from the span of his career as a musician and songwriter. I am amongst many that were, and still are, gobsmacked by his ability. When you have a set of lungs like Matt does, people tend to sit up and take notice.

In recent times, Matthew was commissioned to record a fiction series themed album based on JC Hutchins’ 7th Son, entitled Anyman – The John Smith, and got some serious exposure from the record, which was written from the perspective of one of the characters of the novels. This has encouraged him to step once more into the performance circle, and as a result, he is currently deciding on tracks to put on his upcoming album, Keyhole. The decision-making is based on feedback given from a series of live performances, referred to as the Bookcase Sessions. The most popular tracks will be on Keyhole.

The first of these songs is entitled Torn Apart, a song that showcases his chord-work and early musical influences. The lyrics are solid, allowing us to see inside a relationship on the verge. It is a sad song, but really does show how well Matt tells a story.

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5 thoughts on “Matthew Wayne Selznick’s Bookcase Sessions 01 – Torn Apart

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  2. Those are some pipes. Thanks for sharing that D L!

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