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State of Keiko 03/10/2010

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As you no doubt are already aware, I have been spending a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. It has been a thrill getting back into the game and playing the content provided by Wrath of the Lich King. My Human Death Knight on the Saurfang server is now a spit away from reaching level 80 and our guild is progressing nicely, though I am still waiting on my husband to write up the storyline for our guild website.  I have become a grandmaster in fishing and first aid, as well as skinning and mining which are both maxed. Wintergrasp has also become a regular hangout place for fishing and raids, though I am annoyed at the no fly zone restriction when the battleground starts. Oh well.

Writing may have appeared on hold based on my posting at the fiction blog, but I have actually been waiting for the Gamer Girl X story to take shape in my mind using computer gaming and roleplying a Virtual Adept mage in Storyteller. I have to say that my mind is in a lot better place with this story than it was a month ago. I only wish that the process could be quicker. That being said, it isn’t, so I will just have to go with the flow and let my muse work at its own pace.

As for exercise, I am running the 4.0 km three times a week, and have started adding more exercises to the routines based on suggestions by my other half. The first of these is push-ups, which caused major arm and stomach soreness for days after I started them. This week, I am adding sit-ups to the routine, which, when coupled with push-ups, should help me improve my running times and overall fitness. After all, we can’t rely on jogging for fitness, as it neglects other muscle groups.

So, enough about what I’ve been up to…

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