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State of Keiko 01/21/2010

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It has been a long fortnight. After making my way back to playing Runes of Magic, I finally got my husband playing it again, and he made the most of a week break from work. Two and a half days would be spent playing roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 + Storyteller World of Darkness) and the rest was spent learning more about RoM by throwing ourselves into the newest update. I’d join a guild and soon found myself with a host of new gamer buddies, whose friendship was forged in the fires of instances such as The Windmill and the Forsaken Abbey.

In spite of hours spent questing in Taborea and in pen-paper RPG’s, I would find myself writing again. The main character of my Gamer Girl story is inspired by playing in Virtual Adept mage in World of Darkness and MMORPG gaming, but there are still lots of plot and character ideas that need fleshing out. The first hurdle is, as always, putting my arse in the chair and my fingers at the keyboard. In this I have succeeded in spite of numerous distractions, and I believe that gaming and roleplaying will actually help me with this story.

By the way, I should have new content up on the fiction blog in the next few days, as well as a post on this blog regarding my Playlist 7 picks for this week that is scheduled to go live in the morning.

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