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Music Video – Come Undone by Duran Duran


Duran Duran in 1981.

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When I was growing up during the early 80’s, Duran Duran were always in the thick of it, releasing one popular song after the next, to the delight of young girls and boys alike. Duran Duran had a unique sound which set them apart from other pop groups of the era. In their own way, they were pioneers, expanding the idea of what popular music is. When Girls on Film was released, the video clip brought with it controversy and changed the landscape of what should be considered acceptable. These raunchy images would send young males into a tailspin, but was one of two songs left off of the Arena album. These songs were apparently released on the 2004 special edition of the album, though you can still find 10 track versions of the release for sale online.

Come Undone was a song from Duran Duran: The Wedding Album, their 1993 release, and is a song that really showed their maturity and talent as a music group. However, when most people of this release, they think of songs such as Ordinary World. For me, all of Duran Duran’s songs had their own touch of artistry. Wherever you sit in the debate of which of their songs is the best, I am that we can all agree that Duran Duran are a seriously talented group that are still releasing premium quality tracks twenty-nineyears since their self-titled debut in 1981.

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