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Keiko Gets New Glasses: Transitions Lenses and Other Bling

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Today, I finally received my new glasses from Spec Savers in Pialba. It was surreal putting on my more expensive pair for the first time and getting used to the transition lenses and a bunch of other cool options. As was expected, I was struck by the newness of the glasses as my eyes slowly adjusted to the spectacles. The first 20 to 30 minutes saw me fight off  a feeling of being in some sort of dream-like space. It also didn’t help that I’d had little in the way of sleep the night before and low blood sugar.

In spite of eyes full of gunk and some light headedness from lack of food, it only took me a few hours for my eyes to adjust to the new specs. As a result, I have immediately seen vast improvements in my visual perception, and this really drives home how much I needed the glasses. I have effectively doubled my clarity and distance, making it possible to make out street signs from much further and lessening eye strain. In conclusion, I won’t be leaving my next check-up longer than two years again and am grateful that medicare covers these check-ups.

Not sure what transition lenses are? Well, when you are out and about in the sun, the lenses filters out ultraviolet light. This apparently doesn’t work in synthetic light, but I doubt it would be as big of a problem as when you are driving into the sun of a late afternoon. (something we tested about 30 minutes ago.) The feature has tested quite well over the day as well.

Well, as requested by writer / podcaster / international man of mystery Jared Axelrod (aka planetx), I am adding a few pictures for you to see the glasses in and out of light. The following pictures are before and after pictures to demonstrate how well the UV rays are filtered by the transitions lenses. I am still a little hesitant to use them as sunglasses, but only because I don’t want the nice lenses to be in the line of fire. I know, I know – we paid for the hardening, but I am still getting used to the idea of having these sleek new peeper helpers. (Yes, I did just use those two words together.)

In a few days, after my late night puffy eyes have recovered, I will be taking a picture of myself wearing the new glasses, along with more detailed images of the frames and some reasoning for my choices. I might be able to offer a comparison between the more expensive pair and the back-up glasses, which do not have all of the bling that the ones with transitions feature has.

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