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Playlist 7 Picks 01/08/2010


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Last week’s Playlist 7 winners were a pleasant surprise, with Symbols in the Legend by a’tris, Tonight by Diego-M, and The First Time by DC Cardwell in the final 7. Congratulations! Don’t blow it all of your winnings on hats.

Well, after numerous distractions earlier this week, I finally got around to the task of going through all of the Playlist 7 contenders for this week. It was aweek featuring lots of Hip Hop. There were a few rock songs that might have rated better for me if not for the bad sound engineering. There were some familiar faces from previous weeks, but I find a few new bands that I felt comfortable joining the fanclub of.

My top 7 for the week are:

  1. Let it Go by Stoney (Austen, TX, USA; London & Sheffield, UK)
  2. Anything by The Shadow Chameleon (El Monte, CA, USA)
  3. My World is White by Jeremy Ezell and the Well Reds (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  4. Two-Eighteen by Garfield Mayor (Coventry, UK)
  5. Side Of Me by STAR OFF MACHINE (Huntington Beach, CA, USA)
  6. Behind the Rhine by Color Theory (Huntington Beach, CA, USA)
  7. Keep It All Inside by Kirby Heyborne (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I have limited the honorable mentions to 7 this week. They are as follows:

  1. Take Control by Devin Williams (Hendersonville, TN, USA)
  2. Pick Me Up by Kritikal (Staten Island, NY, USA)
  3. Come with Me by FIRE (Fagura, Malta)
  4. Your My Wonderful by Michael Behm (Vancouver, BC, Ca)
  5. Ask Me To by The Black Doves (Universal City, TX, USA)
  6. Drowning by McAlister Drive (Somerville, MA, USA)
  7. Its Almost Over by Marshall Price (Hendersen, NV, USA)
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3 thoughts on “Playlist 7 Picks 01/08/2010

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  2. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the mention.
    Respect for your support of new music in these tumultuous times…

    Keep up your important work!



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