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Confessions of a Dancing Nitwit

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No matter how much I try not to admit it, I have to be honest. Yes, I was one of those girls who, as a wee munchkin, used to dance around the house to the cheesiest pop music. No, it wasn’t out of some need to act like other girls, but because dance has always been a symbol of freedom. It doesn’t matter if you are flinging your arms out in some sort of chaotic movement that may just injure anyone silly enough to venture into the path of destruction, because dancing has numerous benefits. Below, I weigh in on the pros and cons of dancing around the house like a freak.

The following is a list of the negative points of a dancing nitwit:

  1. You may injure yourself.
  2. You may injure others.
  3. You may break stuff.
  4. You might look really stupid to anyone that so happens to see you in action.
  5. Folks might discover your secret love of Celine Dion as you leap about to the theme song of Titanic. (Dear God! Where the hell did that comment come from?)
  6. Your beloved pet may pee on your CD collection or over the top of your computer tower in protest for your neglect.

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The following is a list of the positive  aspects of such lunacy:

  1. Physical activity, especially dance, helps develop fitness.
  2. Dance helps develop coordination and balance.
  3. Dance trains the senses to perceive and negotiate various obstacles. e.g. coffee tables, small dogs and small children bearing various toys
  4. When you are dancing, you are creating a series of movements based on your particular mood and/or emotions. This places a psychological element to the act of dance and may act as therapy.
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  1. Awesome! Just got a new phone and I can read your blog on my phone, it didn’t work on my old one

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