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Anime Clip: Onegai Twins Season 1 Episode 1 3/3


I have enjoyed Japanime for as long as I can remember, but in recent years the internet has allowed me to watch a bunch of different shows before they are watered down for Western audiences through companies such as Madman. I might be a bit harsh, but I find that fansubs of the original content often keeps intact the scenes and plot. When shows are translated, dialogue is often left out to make the content less culturally confusing for viewers, which often leads to viewers believing that Japan is yet another USA but with different architecture, rather than a land with its own diverse culture and rich history that spans thousands of years.

That being said, companies like Madman do open up a whole new world of entertainment for Western audiences that they would otherwise not see. It is because of these companies that the likes of Robotech, Powerpuff Girls, Naruto and Dragonball have managed to become such an important part of cartoon television. If not for the dedicated work of these companies, my childhood would have been filled with nothing but He-Man and The Smurfs.

Please Twins!

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When I saw this episode last year, I couldn’t stop from laughing at our poor protagonist who is suddenly invaded by females that may or not be his sisters. I liked it so much that I started tracking down other episodes in the series because it was so damned funny.  Anyhoo, here is part 3/3 of Onegai Twins, wherein the protagonist has some unfortunate bath and towel related mishaps and must deal with a green-haired girl and yellow suited alien that land on his door-step the same day as another girl. Warning: Clip contains the usual amount of Anime goofiness and pervert value.

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