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Playlist 7 Picks 12/30/2009

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This is my second week of posting my Playlist 7 picks for Microsoft’s ReverbNation promotion. This week was a week of surprises, with great Rock and Indie offerings from Indonesia and Malaysia.  All in all, it was a great week for fans of Rock.

Here is my top 7, not necessarily in order of preference because they were all pretty awesome:

  1. Symbols in the Legend by a’tris (South Hadley, Ma, USA)
  2. Follow that Sound by The Ugly Club (South Plainfield, NJ, USA)
  3. Lay Me Down by LUNNO (Jakarta, INA, Indonesia)
  4. Herbie’s Time by Joe Lofton (Austen, TX, USA)
  5. Ni un momento by Alfred Gomez, Jr. (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela)
  6. The Slave in Us by ESTRANGED (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia)
  7. So James Dean by Viv Peyrat (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Here are some honorable mentions:

  1. Gentle Delay by Blind Faith and Envy (Tucson, AZ, USA)
  2. Time Will Tell by Fuze (Detroit) (Fenton, MI, USA)
  3. Exhale by Emina Jahovic (Kregujevac, Russia)
  4. Tonight by Diego-M (Bogota, DC, CO)
  5. The First Time by DC Cardwell (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
  6. Monster Mae by Marcella and the Forget Me Nots (London, UK)
  7. Unbreakable by Honor By August (Arlington, VA, USA)
  8. White Wolf by Black Star (Jakarta, INA, Indonesia)
  9. Break Apart by Anna Thomas (Little Elm, TX, USA)
  10. The Car Kiss from Secaucus by Nine Circles (Long Valley, NJ, USA)
  11. A Lonesome Night in Triage by Tepetricy (Prior Lake, MN, USA)
  12. The Drunk Song by Sore on Sunday (Gladstone, MI, USA)
  13. Walk Away by Invertigo (Indianapolis, IN, USA)
  14. On Modern Men by QUIET COMPANY (Austen, TX, USA)

As you can see, I posted nearly double the honorable mentions of the previous week. There were just so many that I could have voted on as well, but in the end, I only had 7 votes. If you voted as well, then I welcome you to post your own list.

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