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Playlist 7 Picks: 12/22/2009


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I love music, and with Microsoft‘s recent promotion on ReverbNation, Playlist 7, I now have a chance to discover and vote on some great new music. Each week, you can vote on seven songs from a list of about 50. These get added to the Featured list for the next week and give some well-deserved exposure for some great artist. Aside from website glitches and bugs, you can also download a compilation at the end of each voting period, compiling the top 7 votes for the previous week. That being said, it is seven out of fifty high quality tracks, so some folks are going to miss out. To have your say though, join up and start voting.

My picks for this week are as follows:

  1. Down this Road Before by Mike Vitale
  2. Give it All Back by The Material
  3. Give it all up to us by The Shoreline
  4. 16 by Fly Upright Kite
  5. Summer State of Mind by Dave Homyk (featuring John Homyk)
  6. The Liars by Amy Courts
  7. Up Up Up by Please Do Not Fight

Below is a list of songs that would have made the list if there had been more votes available:

  1. What’s After This by Troy Castellano
  2. Blame it on the DJ by A Living Daylight
  3. Free by Phil Marshall
  4. Snowy White River by Sofia Talvik
  5. Message to You by Gavin Mart
  6. Heroes in Modern Times by Matt Romero
  7. All in My Head by South Atlantic

I loved all 14 of these songs, but I do recall that Blame it on the DJ is getting a lot of airplay on the local radio stations. The others are new ground and no less a pleasure to listen to for their composition and quality. That being said, these lists are based on my particular musical tastes. Unlike last week, I didn’t vote on any hip-hop or electronic tracks

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4 thoughts on “Playlist 7 Picks: 12/22/2009

  1. Thanks for sharing our music with your tweeps!

    Wishing you the very best this holiday season!

    • Thanks for putting songs like Dark Lotus, in the ears of folks like me, they are a pleasure to listen to. I guess that the ongoing task will always be promotion. If there is any other way I can help, let me know.

      • You bet! It really is a pleasure for us to be able to share our music. I hear you – promotion is certainly essential for our success as a band. The guys and I are thankful to have just had the opportunity to make our song “Symbols in the Legend” available for free thanks to Microsoft. If you have a moment, would you mind sharing this link with your readers?

        by clicking on ‘current contenders’ and choosing to download our song, anyone who gets a free copy helps us to get a step closer to winning a check from Microsoft so I’d really appreciate your downloads! The contest runs through Saturday (the 1st of January).

        Hope this finds you feeling healthy!

    • By the way, Symbols in the Legend was at the top of my list for the following post:

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