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Online Fiction Part 2


Given the proximity of Christmas, it is time to post the next installment of online fiction titles. This should give you guys something to read over the holidays.

  1. Hazy Days And Cloudy Nights: – Hazy Days And Cloudy Nights is the ongoing serial fiction project by Matthew Wayne Selznick author of Brave Men Run. It is a drama about a group of friends during the mid-eighties.
  2. Lost Gods: – Lost Gods is an Urban Fantasy Adventure by Canadian writer/podcaster/teacher Drew Beatty, telling the story of a deity who must stop the apocalypse. You can download the podcast episodes and/or read the PDF editions of each chapter.
  3. Universal Warrior: – Universal Warrior is the fantasy action/adventure by Avery K. Tingle, telling the tale of a war between the residents of Heaven and Hell.
  4. Ghost of the Black: A ‘Verse Full of Scum: – A “Verse Full of Scum is the serialized sci-fi action story by Aussie horror writer Alan Baxter. You can download in various formats of the first story of Ghost from the Smashwords website (linked in the title) or in html on Alan’s website.
  5. Street: – Street is the sci-fi action/adventure by Ryan A. Span.

I hope that you enjoy checking out these titles and look forward to offering more installments in future.

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3 thoughts on “Online Fiction Part 2

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning “Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights!” The serial returns from hiatus on January 4, 2010.



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