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World of Keiko 12/09/2009

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The past week and a half has been pretty rough for yours truly. At the beginning of last week, I began to start suffering from nausea, occasional muscle soreness and headaches, which all seemed to alternate between each other over the next four days. It wasn’t really the best start to my 1k a day challenge, with only 3 of the first 7 days reaching the target wordcount.

On Friday, a couple of our roleplaying buddies came over and spent the next two nights (one day only) hanging out in our  lounge room. The night they came over, hubbs introduced them to new levels of filth, in this case the movie Bruno. Yep, it is funny as, but when you’re trying to sleep in the other room, the hysterical laughter really does interrupt your rest period. The following day we played hubbs’ bizarre Palladium system multiverse thingy. Although I did enjoy playing, I can’t help shake the feeling that the game only has one or two more sessions left before it crashes and burns.

After the game finished, hubbs and one of the lads stayed up talking about TV shows and movies. I stayed up with them for a little while, and just before I went to bed, I noticed two dogs that I’ve never seen before, milling around in our front yard – a small terrier (I think it might have been at least) and some sort of Blue Cattle Dog crossbreed. It is in my nature to chase after dogs with puffy tails, but in this case, I called the dynamic duo over and began to give them some attention, which they seemed quite happy with. Whenever I bent down to pat the bigger dog, the small dog would grab my long hair in its mouth to get my attention. I don’t have enough discipline to care for a pet, well anything, but I can honestly say that those two canines would probably make great family pets, if they aren’t already.

I ended up going to bed at 5 AM, which made the following days challenging as the weekend had taken a serious toll on the body. Then, on Monday, hubbs gets sick with more intense symptoms than I suffered the previous week. Poor thing started to recover slightly around 7 PM that night, but became sick again around 10 AM the following day, meaning that he missed two days of work. Luckily, he had a few sick days left, so we didn’t lose any money. I had to practice being the voice of reason the past few days though, which is something that I am not exactly the best at, but he seemed to accept my advice to stay at home yesterday. Thankfully, he was healthy enough to go to work today, but I doubt he’ll like working at the counter, the bane of his profession.

On the good note, over the past week I have gone back to working on the first book on my Fox and Wolf novels. I had half-written the first four chapters, and the first draft of the prologue, rough as it is, was posted on my fiction blog the other day. The past two days have led to headway on the first draft of the others, with special emphasis on chapter 1 which, incidentally, has at least 1.5k words left before it is finished. All going well, that should be complete and live tomorrow.

I also did a bit of research on wolves for the novel, as one of the main characters has one as an animal companion. There is a heck of a lot of cool looking canines out there, and this research has given me some perspective on how big they get compared to cats. Let’s just face it, the average cat is much smaller than the average dog, but the bigger species of cat dwarf the larger canine species. However, canines and felines have an important place within the ecosystem and society can benefit from preserving each species and subspecies. The research has also led to me learning about crossbreeding between canine and lupine species as well, the Sarloos Wolfhound is a great case where deliberate breeding by man has created a new species. The reading itself, has reestablished my appreciation for dingoes as well, which as most of you know already, are native to this part of the world, and for foxes, animals that were introduced to Australia by Europeans and are now considered a pest in spite of how amazing they are.

I have to go back to work on this current chapter now, but I’d love it if you guys could drop by my fiction blog and leave me some feedback on the fiction posted there. I can’t express how much these comments have helped me grow as a writer.

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