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World of Keiko 12-01-2009

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On the 19th of November, I spent a few hours editing the freewrites I discussed in the World of Keiko 11-18-2009 post. Both were posted on my fiction blog if you don’t mind leaving some feedback. The first piece that I posted, is the second draft of Drake and Mallone book 1 chapter 1, as told in first person POV by Kayla Mallone. I won’t give too much away, but suffice it to say, that our main character and her companion will have to fight a lot of bad guys. The second piece is the second draft of Paradigm Shift book 1 chapter 1, the story of a man whose life is turned upside down when his wife is murdered.

I don’t know what it is, but lately my writing has been heavily centered around shapeshifters. I don’t know if there is some subconscious reason for this, but I don’t mind the quality of work I have been writing in recent time. It has been nice cranking out prose that isn’t complete crap, but with all early drafts, the chapters still need work. I don’t mind putting in some extra time to draft these chapters.

The following day after posting those manuscripts, I worked on a couple of other pieces of writing, the more interesting of the two being the first chapter of Cruze book 1. I really like our embattled hero, who is suddenly thrown into a future that is so different from the world he came from. However, Vincent Cruze will be given a second chance to redeem himself, and learn more about his destiny along the way. Or at least, that is how I currently see the story so far. Some of the characters are already formed in my mind, though there is always room for more development as I work on the story. Such is life! Anyway, if you’d like to read the first draft of  Cruze book 1 chapter 1, I have posted it on my fiction blog as well.

Since then, I have been fairly quiet online, spending time collaborating on a project with a buddy from South Africa, Ralph Viktor; blogging about my involvement in the 1000 words a Day Challenge starting in December; and posting a newly completed prologue from my 2005 NaNoWriMo novel on my fiction blog. I have also spent some time giving feedback and support to several other writer buddies in need. I might have spent some time walking as well, but the weather has been all over the place of late. I have taken some time out to consider our lawn situation now that Summer is here, and I have started planning how to reduce water consumption as well as make the front yard look appealing. This is likely going to cost some money to achieve, but it should be much better in the long run.

Looking back on the past fortnight, it has probably seemed less busy than it has actually been, but I am quite happy with what I have achieved during this time as it has set me up for the next few months.

And now, on the first day of December, I will begin my 1000 words a day challenge with plenty of enthusiasm, a willingness to test my mettle and try new things as well as look back on my previous writing endeavors. It is also a time to be considering new years resolutions as 2010 quickly approaches us. It is a time a reflect on what we have achieved as individuals and to re-evaluate the path that our life is taking and to consider what this means for the future. For me, this involves what I’d like to learn academically, though the purse-strings are going to restrict some choices, but I’ve discovered in recent months that podcasting and iTunes U are great resources for education, as are Youtube videos for that matter. So, I now how to create a list of priorities for the next few months and re-evaluate it again later down the track. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide when new years draws closer. Until then, I wish you the best with your own endeavors.

Happy hunting!

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