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World of Keiko 10/21/2009

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Autumn sun
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The past few weeks have been amazing. For the first time since my hubby went into academy, we actually spent quality vacation time with each other. During that time we learned about computer hardware, software, hung out with friends, traveled back forth between our home and Brisbane  in the process of making my husband’s gaming rig, I wrote a lot, we exercised together, and got in plenty of gaming time, all of which was spent together as a couple. We both learned a lot and were grinning most of the time because we had a heck of a lot of fun in the process. It was great, and I know that when he goes back to work tomorrow night, I’ll be pining after him.

But the vacation time is over now, and I’ll need to find ways to amuse myself while hubbs is back at work. It won’t be difficult, mind you, as I’ve found some great tools that will help with my various fiction works-in-progress. Such tools include PBWorks wiki and Zoho‘s online office tools. Now I’m ready to do some major expansion of my creation, which is going to make my writing that much easier. I’ve heard it said many times before, that you should work smart, and I believe that this move to collation of my work is going to be exactly that. There is no sense in making things difficult for yourself when you have lots of cool tools and services available, most of which are free of charge.

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