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Product Review: PBWorks Wiki

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For a while now, I have looked around for various services that might assist with organizing my writing notes, and I found a couple that I believe will help the process. The one that I will be talking about in this review is PBWorks, a Wiki provider that used to be called pbwiki once upon a time. Once upon a time I decided to sign up for pbwiki, but never really used it, but due to recent changes in my writing habits, I decided to test it out to see how useful it is. I decided to make a Basic account to get a feel for the service nowadays. What I have discovered so far has made it more than worthy of attention and heavy use by yours truly.

PBWorks Choosing a Plan

PBWorks is a lot more attractive and user friendly than many of the other wiki services available these days, providing some color templates with full CSS customization, plenty of features to make your site presentable. Got a color scheme in mind? Then go into Settings, and go into Basic Settings. click Custom in the Color section. You are able to customize colors and CSS even further, but I wasn’t able to test these features in the Basic service, but if the other features are anything to go by, then it’s going to rock.

PBWorks Customization

Gone are the days of needing to learn wiki code, PBWorks takes the programming requirements out of the equation, reducing the level of annoyance and allowing the user to spend more time inputting information into their wiki pages. You’ll have at your disposal a neat and tidy interface for creating and editing your pages, which also allows you to add a bunch of different plugins.

PBWorks Todo List Edit

PBWorks Todo List Plugins

You can also choose to revert to source code if you prefer to kick it old skool.

There is a bunch of pre-made pages, such as the To-do List, which should help show you how to use various features and then test them out yourself.

PBWorks Pages and Files

With the free account, you get 2 GB of space per wiki with a few minor restrictions, but if your project is primarily text-based, this service should offer more than enough features to work on your content. Need more? Then upgrade and take advantage of the other nifty features available. It will cost you by the user though, so be prepared to pay at least $8/user/month for the Standard plan and $20/user/month for the Project plan. These upgrades will buy you unlimited space, backups for your wiki, full customization of workspace’s appearance, and security options, as well as other cool stuff.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a great stand-alone wiki service to organize your project, then PBWorks is worth trying out. Even the Basic plan offers lots of great features for anyone wanting to collate and store information online.The service is great for seasoned wiki users and newcomers alike, and is going to free up time that users can spend on something more important, such as creating your content.

Stay tuned for a review of the Zoho service.


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