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Games to Play: Perfect World Online

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After playing Ether Saga Online on my new computer and Jade Dynasty on my old computer, I have finally started downloading the Perfect World International MMORPG. Based on the other two releases by the same  company, I expect a similar interface. I figure that if the organization used the same setup for Jade Dynasty and Ether Saga Online then it is the most likely scenario that they tested it out on Perfect World International first.

Perfect World International is the oldest of the releases from Perfect World China, and the game has had a lot of major updates since its release a few years back. Imported after major translations after amazing success in China, this game has taken some time to gain an audience amongst English speaking gamers. It is the first of a series of games translated into English by a company with a long list of MMOs with strong Asian themes. The graphics of each of the studio’s are all rendered with lots of Chinese=style architecture as well as an Oriental appearance for each of the characters, even if it is in Anime style for the likes of Ether Saga Online.

Why do I want to play the game? Good question. In my case the big draw card is how developed the game is. Unlike the other two releases from the company, Perfect World International has a couple more years worth of updates. Through those years the company has no doubt evolved in big ways. One of those major updates is a recent add-on, which from what I’ve read online seems to have opened up a lot of new options for players. Time has a way of allowing develop new features and to correct issues that a game may be having.There are rare cases where this isn’t the case, leading to losses of players such as in the case of a few MMOs that have died over the past few years.

The other reason I am interested in this game is the amount of buzz there is about it. Given that Ether Saga Online and Jade Dynasty are so good, there is no doubt in my mind that their predecessor is going to be awesome as well. It is the game that really put the game company on the map, so there has to be something that draws people to it. It has to be more than the heavily detailed website and support as well. There has to more to the game than the long list of features and uber-cute graphics. There has to be more to it than the price tag as well. No MMORPG lasts this long within having soul. something that I anticipate for Perfect World International.

I will let you know what I think of it in a week or so though after a decent amount of play time on the new computer.

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  1. i love the game

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