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Last week I decided to throw myself into the deep end by starting a fiction blog that I have called Writing by Keiko. The idea was to cease waiting for my writing to be perfect and use the feedback given by readers to improve my writing. Although I haven’t received much feedback so far, I know that readers will start taking an active interest in my work when they realize that it is not going to be a flash-in-the-pan that lasts for only a couple of weeks.

Some of you might be wondering why I would risk losing first publishing rights by posting online, and I have to say that this was considered. The conclusion that I came up with is that I am one of a multitude of aspiring authors trying to make my mark, but until I have a real voice and a readership, why would a publisher take even a glance in my direction? For this to happen, you need material of high enough quality to grab the attention of readers, and that’s where the posts come in.

By posting my writing on the blog, I not only have the chance of getting feedback, but as I develop my skills as a writer, more and more people will likely pass on the word. Even if one out of ten visitors pass on the link to a friend and they in turn pass it on to another, so on and so forth, then I will have a readership in no time. This of course still relies upon a vast improvement of my writing, but that will come with time, something I have in large quantities these days.

What will happen to the polished material? Well, that will likely go onto separate domains in webserial format. If I feel adequately enthusiastic about any of these works of fiction, then I will create some podcast fiction and/or distribute compiled chapters into ebook format using Smashwords.

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4 thoughts on “New Fiction Blog: Writing by Keiko

  1. Good luck with this Dianne – I’ll keep an eye on how you proceed!

  2. Here’s to Keiko 😉 Godspeed!

    • Thanks for that, Bob. Time will tell how much I will grow from the experience, but I will at least get some feedback from the drafts I post at the site, which should help quite a bit.

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