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Games to Play: Jade Dynasty

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Temple of Heaven
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In recent times, I have discussed my interest in playing several MMORPGs. This is by no means a slight against the addictive game Runes of Magic, but I would like a few options of games to keep my options open. One of the games that I would like to play when I finally get a gaming machine, is the Chinese import Jade Dynasty. From the clips of the game that I have seen, it looks gorgeous. After some reading on the official portal, the game has plenty of features that should add to gameplay. The images and information I’ve uncovered suggest that the game will appeal to anyone with a fascination with Chinese culture, myth and legend.

Here is a cinematic trailer for Jade Dynasty:

As you can, the company that made the game went to quite a bit of effort to draw people in, but the trailer doesn’t necessarily show in-game actions. As one of my roleplaying buddies said the other day, a game trailer is not always an indication of gameplay. Such a statement is true of many games, though Jade Dynasty does seem to hold its own if the following clip is anything to go by.

Here is a clip of Jade Dynasty gameplay:

As you can see, the world of Jade Dynasty is absolutely gorgeous, with high quality rendering that shows through even though the movie pixelation has been reduced. Now, I’d like to see if the quests and interactions with NPC’s and other players go, but I guess that I’ll have to wait and see how it turns out once I get the new computer. I’ll keep you posted.

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One thought on “Games to Play: Jade Dynasty

  1. If you find a MMORPG with gameplay like Zelda, I would be interested. I want control over my characters actions rather then clicking an enemy and watching – prefarably swords and magic!. Does JD over that?

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