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It seemed that in spite of my need to finish a bunch of writing today, life got in the way. I”m not talking about events that would lead to the sky falling on your head or anything like that. I’m talking about connections.
“Huh?” you are no doubt asking me right now.
Connections, as in relationships. Tonight, as I was on Facebook for an intended fly-by, I started chatting with one of my sisters. Time seemed to get away from me with all of that chatting, and before I knew it, it was 11 PM. I continued on for a while longer, catching up with her. It was amazing how much more software information I have compared to her, and it reestablished the idea that I can offer something in return for years that she played protector.
Then, not long after I jumped off to write, my husband woke up and we started watching an old B&W film called The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936). This odd little film written by H G Wells, was the story about an ordinary working class man who suddenly gains the ability to manifest whatever he verbalizes. The time spent watching the movie had been spent connecting with my husband, where we enjoyed time doing something that we’ve always enjoyed doing together – watching old movies. After that, my husband got up to play Dungeons & Dragons Online.
So, I decided to swing by Facebook again, and ended up talking to a singer/artist that I made contact with for the first time years ago. We talked about life, travel and Creativity, catching up on things that are important to either of us. Then came the discussion about connections, and how some places are more capable of nurturing connecting with people than others. It also starting me considering how human beings connect on a daily bais and how this makes us better people.

Life is not just a series of memories or experiences, but of the connections that we make during the compilation of those memories and experiences. Connections are not necessarily based on relationships with others either. We can gain resonance with a place, an ideal, a faith, a piece of art, a book, a song, a particular activity, an animal, a plant, or even a mental state. What matters is that you resound with that special something or someone, finding a special connection that you can draw from later on. It is the realization that you’ve found a little piece of Heaven because of it, peace or strength that can be drawn on in times of need.
In conclusion, I have to say that through these connections we become better people because it gives us the tools that we need to get through the bad times. It might not fully protect us but at least we will have the ability to make it through alive with most of our limbs attached. Connections are essential to each and every human being, whether they realize it or not.

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