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World of Keiko 2017-06-27

It has been another week. I hope that you’ve had a good week. My week has been somewhat productive and enjoyable.

This past week has seen numerous people attending Vidcon, which I have followed with some interest on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Some YouTubers have apparently reconciliations and friendships made as a result of people talking to each other. It also saw the shutuptariq hashtag trending in response to a figure that shuts down criticism with accusations of the other party being a “white supremacist” instead of addressing those criticisms. People are fed up with this sort of intellectual dishonesty and with good reason. If a person truly wants to solve a problem, then they should address legitimate criticism of what they say and do.

Hubby and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week. Soon after, the Steam Summer Sale started and he got me the removing parts of the Saint’s Row franchise. After that, we played some multiplayer Saint’s Row the Third. It was a lot of fun but we still haven’t quite finished that run-through of the game. As such, we’ve been playing together a few hours each night. I may suck at driving and flying vehicles but I at least suck a lot less in the weapons department. I will certainly get a lot better with practice.
What games have you been playing of late? What makes them so enjoyable for you? Have you purchased anything during the Steam Summer Sale? Are you waiting for a discount on any games in particular for the Steam Summer Sale?

In other news, I am back to doing daily lessons at Duolingo. The focus this time around is French given that some of the characters in the book that I am currently working on are French. I studied a little in high school but it is very rusty. I have also spent a lot more time of late studying Dutch and German which is quite a bit different from French. Dutch and German use some similar words, which allows one to assist in learning the other much in the way that Spanish and Portuguese assist each other. I haven’t come across a language that assists with learning French as yet. There is apparently a difference between Quebecian French and Parisian French, but I have no idea what the differences are. My best guess is that Here’s hoping that I can be consistent with my daily lessons.
Are any of you currently learning a language? Are you bilingual? Feel free to post about your experiences in the comments section and social networking.

What sort of music have I been listening to this week? Here is a quick list:

Books? I am still reading Rachel Aaron‘s 2K to 10K book on improving writing output. It is a decent read but I am also working on planning a book in the background. The planning is taking a bit longer than expected actually. Turns out that the planned prologue will also work better as a short prequel story.

That is it for this week. Before I go, I’d like to offer a shout-out to new follower theindianindiehead. Kaustav Ray has a really neat music blog that I encourage folks to check out. I leave you with a live performance of the song ¡Que Paciencia! by Sundayers from their album Cógelo!.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-26

It is the start of a new week and the start of a new series of prompts. The new four-part series focuses on times of the day because time of day has its own unique effect on any lifeform, be it a human being or a possum or a snake. The first part in this series of prompts has the theme “dusk”.
Dusk is that time of the day when the sun typically retreats and we often rely on the sun’s reflection on the moon for lighting up the night. In some places, such as Alaska, there are times of the year when one there is no sunset or sunrise. The transition between day and night frequently greets us with a grand and magnificent display of reds, blues, pinks, purples and oranges. Whilst it might be the precursor to night time, it is also the end of work for many people, allowing them to spend time with loved ones. However, Dusk is still typically associated with night and much of the myth and legend surrounding it.

I wish you the best with today’s prompts. If you come up with any other words or concepts that I left out, feel free to post away in the comments section. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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Music Review: What is Love by Melanie Ungar

Year: 2015 (I’m not sure if the album was released on platforms other than Jamendo before this time)
Genre: Country, Country Pop, Pop
Online: Youtube, Jamendo, Facebook, Twitter

  1. What is Love
  2. Madly, Deeply
  3. Deeper For You
  4. One Day
  5. Open
  6. Let’s Start Again
  7. Madly, Deeply (Acoustic)

Melanie Ungar is a Canadian artist that I stumbled across on Jamendo whilst listening to one of the automated playlists a few years ago. I think that it was actually the third track of this album that drew me in initially. Since then, this debut EP has been a regular listen each week, with many of the songs making it into various playlists.

As mentioned above, this release fits into the categories of Country and Pop. I don’t listen to a lot of Country but when I do it tends to result in some regular listens. But what makes for good Country Pop? Well, not being generic is a good start.
Whilst the album doesn’t “change the game” it does offer solid compositions that a pleasure to listen to. I can’t say the same for some artists that have recently spent time in the charts. Her vocals are crisp and the catchiness of the lyrics makes me return time and time again.
So, do I have any favourite songs on the album? Yes. The third track Deeper For You probably gets one or two extra plays whenever I listen to the album. I also adore the fifth track Open. Why do I like these songs so much? Well, they cause me to reminisce about my own relationship with my husband of 21 years. These songs also do a great job of sharing the idea of growing attachment and intimacy between a couple.

In conclusion, I really love this album. What is Love is a must-listen for anybody that is a sucker for good love songs. If that is not your bag, then you have no soul. ROFL I also recommend the album for fans of Country Pop.
For those interested, Melanie Ungar posts videos regularly on her youtube channel (linked above). A lot of the content consists of covers, which she manages to add her own trademark style.

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Sunday Playlist 06/25/2017

Greetings from the interwebs! This week’s playlist is a collection of electronic songs for gamers, dancing, exercising and/or for folks looking for some high energy music for getting their creative juices flowing.

  1. Born Free by Pokki DJ [ITA]
  2. Messenger by DJ Karda from DJ Karda [CZE]
  3. Serenity by TheVicious from The Beginning [AUS]
  4. Simplex by Auquid from Reborn Future [UKR]
  5. Autonomy by Beat Laboratory [GBR]
  6. Energy Trance by Alexey Anisimov from Electro Music [RUS]
  7. I Can Be Myself by REC from Journey Through the Universe (EP) [POL]
  8. I Don’t Cry by A Virtual Friend [CHE]
  9. Showtime by Wexin from Free to Love [FRA]
  10. The Grid by Eddie McGilvray from Switch on the Hits [AUS]

You can find the playlist here.

I hope that you enjoy the playlist and that you have a kickass week. If you have suggestions for future themes or Jamendo artists, feel free to post in the comments section. Though I have some themes planned, I might be willing to deviate from the current schedule for the right song or theme. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-22

*waves excitedly* Hello again, guys! Today’s theme is “Grey”, what is arguably the most gloomy colour. It is dull and doesn’t exude the same level of energy as most of the other colours. It speaks to gloom and sadness and grief. And yet, some of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom are grey, such as the humble bunny. It is also the colour of several metals, minerals and alloys, suggesting strength and in the case of silver, something rare and precious.

I wish you the best of luck with those prompts. As always, if you think of something that I’ve missed then feel free to post away in the comments section. I will see you guys again tomorrow with the last installment in this series.

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Creative Prompts 2017-06-21

Hello there! Today’s theme is “white”. Like the colour black, white is another odd colour as far as science is concerned. White light is comprised of all other colours of the spectrum and is often symbolically tied to the colour Black for various reasons. The white hat is the sign of a villain in a western. As for other uses, we often see it used for bandages due to the ease at which it shows up blood and other leaks from wounds. It is also tied to death, offering that further synergy with black.

I wish you the best with these prompts. If you can think of other things related to today’s theme, feel free to post in the comments section.