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World of Keiko 03/30/2016

The past few weeks have been somewhat intense between gaming and hubby’s attempts to get some work reviews in order. A few days ago, he had to deal with a helicopter crash, which was surreal. It was the first disaster since we arrived here. I won’t go into any detail about it, as some of the details are not public yet. And while a life is known to be lost in the accident, this tragedy is juxtaposed with the meeting of our house possum.
The possum in question comes down from the roof to the back steps, then climbs up onto the top of the rail that she (I am making a leap in calling Stripey female) seems to feel more comfortable using to reach ground level than by using the steps. She can scale the side of the house to get to the roof expertly, looking adorable as she does. She is a civilized possum, not making a racket like some possums that live in rooves do. She typically appears every two to three days just after dark. As I declared on twitter several weeks ago, this seems to answer the mystery regarding the critter that we saw a few times after we first moved here. We didn’t get a good look at the time, but we’ve certainly seen her a few times recently now that she’s now grown accustomed to a family with no large dog such as the husky that the former tenants used to keep here.

We’ve been attempting to deal with network issues of late. It appears that it is an issue with the Telstra-provided router, but they appear to not wish to replace the piece of hardware in spite of the issues we are currently having no longer being linked to issues with the satellite dish (now replaced) or modem. It is manageable but the service is sometimes inconsistent.
Hubby lost his Dell monitor three week ago. He was using the 68′ plasma TV while it took time for his Predator X34 to come in. It is weird looking at the ultra-wide screen, but I could find myself growing quite accustomed to one should I ever need a replacement for my Samsung. Yes, it is expensive, but it is something that should last at least 5 years. That being said, we will keep a spare monitor (my old Samsung) waiting in the wings for any unforeseen monitor meltdowns.

So, my anticipation that I would be lessening my computer gaming in lieu of learning was way off. Black Desert Online is highly addictive, and I find myself in the odd predicament where I wake up in the middle of the night to deal with upkeep for one of my characters, such as selling fish from AFK fishing to a trader. My highest level toon hit level 32 yesterday grinding cultists at the Bloody Monastery. It is really odd actually, as quests in-game don’t really offer character XP. They instead offer skill, profession and contribution XP. This leaves character level to grinding monsters and gained in small quantities from professions, such as catching fish or selling fish to a trader. (Yes, I like me some fishing!) Those accustomed to combos will really like the combat system, but the action combat combo system takes a bit of getting used to. Once I did get used to it, I highly doubt that I will ever return to World of Warcraft or a WoW clone. There is a level of strategy involved with certain aspects of the game, such as how to optimize where you use your contribution points.

We watched all of the second season of Daredevil over the past few days. It was neat seeing Electra and Punisher enter the universe. Electra had been mentioned in flashbacks during the first season, but Frank Castle was a pleasant surprise. He had been changed slightly, allowing the audience to see the character go from assassin to a character that we are more familiar with, the guy that puts the fear into the bad guys with his machinations and arsenal of weapons. We saw more of the character Stick, who is a bit of a bastard but he makes reasonable decisions when it comes to dealing with murderous ninjas and other bad guys. His world comes into conflict with that of his former student Matt Murdock, but we got the general impression based on Matt’s decisions towards the end that he is becoming less convinced with the no-kill policy. We also got to see the show tie more noticeably into the Jessica Jones series. And now we have casting sorted for Iron Fist, which seems to have pissed off a lot of folks that wanted the rich white guy in the comics to be cast as an Asian. It is the meeting of those two worlds that makes Iron Fist interesting in my personal opinion. There are also some really neat non-white characters in the Marvel Universe that will be getting some airtime without needing to change characters that are white in the universe. An example of this is Luke Cage and T’Chall. These guys are influential and kick series ass in their particular domains. In the case of Black Panther, he is ruler of his own kingdom (married to Storm no less) whilst also directly fighting global threats. Luke Cage is more regional, but is still important because of the habit of regional problems snowballing into a global threat. I am seriously looking forward to seeing more of Luke Cage based on what I saw in Jessica Jones. Heck, Netflix has done an awesome job so far with their own entries into the Marvel Universe. It is a pity that the same cannot be said for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show that had so much potential but it seems that the writers prefer weak choices and plot holes over intelligent writing.
I got around to watching the currently subbed anime series Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and like it. It is more of a slice of life story about some young people that wake up in a fantasy world with no recollection of the time before. They have to learn the ropes of the world, which requires them to take on a class and become adventurers. That means taking on jobs such as killing off marauding goblins. The characters try on their share of what appear to be new hats as they attempt to make a home in their new reality. There are various clues to suggest that they are likely in some sort of simulation with a mental block whenever they attempt to saw certain words reflective of a modern world, such as the internet. This leaves open lots of questions, some of which will be answered in the first season instead of being overlooked. It does have the feeling of a living and breathing world though and we get to learn more about the rules along with the party.
I hope to get back into Grimm and Lost Girl sometime soon, though it is likely that I will get back into Grimm sooner given that hubby seems to like the series. Hubby also likes the intelligent writing and good casting of the strategic economic drama Billions. There are still a few episodes left of the anime Noragami, a series that I find meaty and adorable to fit my particular preferences. I am one of the millions waiting on new episodes of the anime series “No Game, No Life”, Overlord and One Punch Man.

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Pimp a Patreon: drtyhippiepanda

Panda Online: Twitter, Youtube, Patreon 

I follow a lot of peeps online. Some of the channels and figures that I regard cover subjects such as atheism and skepticism which have special importance for me. In the case of drtyhippiepanda, she posts skeptical videos about modern feminism, citing her own experiences on both sides of the feminist movement. Panda has also discussed mental health issues in the past, dealing specifically with anxiety and depression which are both prevalent in the west.
Her conversational tone works for me because it feels that much more genuine. Throughout, one gets the distinct impression that drtyhippiepanda is anti-BS in general. She doesn’t pretty up language to make it more user-friendly, just pure, uncut Panda.
Be sure to check out drtyhippiepanda’s Youtube channel. If you like what you see then follow her on Twitter and consider throwing some coin her way via Patreon. If you aren’t able to do the latter, be sure to boost the signal to show some love.


Craft Tutorial: Simple Tablet Holder

Some of you are likely aware that I’ve been learning about craft and sewing of late. This has resulted in lots of brainstorming about designs for solving several annoying problems around our house, one of which was a cost effective and simple way to hold up my tablet when I am following a recipe. Given that tablets are becoming quite common these days, many of you will likely come across similar problems that can be addressed by having your own tablet holder.
My first design for a tablet holder was a little ugly, with grotesque angles also resulting in reduced stability and support of my tablet. However, the second design that I made yesterday seems to have addressed these problems. And best of all, it is made from an oddly sized cardboard box that I would have otherwise thrown out.  I haven’t got around to decorating my tablet holder yet because I am trying to decide how to pimp it out and also lacking some much needed craft supplies for the task. Tablet Holder 01 standing
Below are some instructions and a PDF of the template for making the current prototype that can comfortably hold my iPad 4 in either landscape or portrait direction. Feel free to alter the design to meet your particular needs, but remember that it will be holding a device that might produce a bit of heat, hence you should consider materials used to make and/or decorate your own tablet holder.

Tablet Holder 04 iPad LandscapeTablet Holder 03 Portrait ipad


You’ll need:

  • 20cm x 25cm Cardboard, thick
  • Scissors, sturdy and/or Stanley knife + cutting board
  • Tablet holder templates (created using the CamScanner app on my Windows phone)

Chose a piece of cardboard. Print out your template. Using the applicable template, cut out your cardboard tablet holder. Trim uneven bits.

If you are using the mirrored version on a flat piece of cardboard, you will note the immediate need to bend it in the middle which I forgot to make on the design itself. Bending cardboard poses its own challenges as there are different types of cardboard that often require specific strategies. Pre-bent cardboard might save on the need to bend the cardboard, but it might also have some wear and tear from previous use and might result in some uneven sections on the underside which should be noted in the mirrored template that I made by drawing around my current design. If you do use a bending method, consider that there might also be some unforeseen problems such as overbending, hence you might find incremental rails useful or wish to place masking tape along the crease for added support. The following video on bending cardboard will explain the ins and outs of bending cardboard based of the specific traits of the cardstock used:


The current design will likely be suitable for use with hard plastic and wood as well, with hinges as an option if the budding crafter wants to fork out some extra money for it. Regardless, you will likely feel inclined to decorate the end product and even further modify the design to fit your particular needs, which might include intricate designs (such as as gaming, anime and other pop culture staples. which includes Game of Thrones banners) cut into or printed on the side. (Note that this also opens up ideas such as small stained glass style design which could be made by cutting the design into two layers and placing a translucent design out of something like celophane in the middle.) I’d also recommend using sealant if you go the cardboard route as liquids tend to make short work of paper products.
If you do end up making use of the design in any regard, feel free to post about it in the comments section. Post pictures or your tablet holder in use or being knocked over by your kitteh – go mad! If you want some further clarification on the project, feel free to ask away and I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability.

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Pimp a Patreon: Abner Senires

Abner Online: FacebookTwitter, Patreon, K&M website

In this third and rather late installment of Pimp a Patreon, we are taking a look at an author that I interviewed for the blog over a few years ago (re: Meet the Author: Abner Senires) and also pimped an upcoming book release (re: Book Release: KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE by Abner Senires). Abner Senires is the author of the long-time cyberpunk action series Kat & Mouse, a serial that you might have guessed that I am quite fond of. It is one of those series that easily appeals to anime fans as well.
The patreon doesn’t have much in the way of rewards at present, but this will likely change in future. Abner provides the serial free of charge and a buck pledge is a simple offer of thanks for the time that he takes to write a really neat serial with established lore. You can also purchase his compilations via sites such as Amazon (see Support on the K&M website) and/or grab some swag from his Cafepress store (see Merch on the K&M website).

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Course Review: – Writing Fundamentals: The Craft of Story

Length: 1 hour 59 minutes
Provider: (course link)

In lieu of some free membership to Lynda for being a member of the State Library of Queensland, I recently decided to see what the Lynda service had to offer. There was a bunch of tech courses, but I felt disinclined to do tutorials on software or hardware. Further exploration revealed a few dozen courses on communication with some writing courses in the mix. Among the offerings was a writing course by renowned writing teacher Lisa Cron and I found my interest perked because I had heard good things about her teaching.
Writing Fundamentals: The Craft of Story deals predominantly with defining and refining plot. This is affected by way of a bunch of different activities such as tightening synopsis to get to the meat of a story. Lisa also covers removing content from scenes that will inevitably act as distractions away from the main plot and various arcs. These are broken up into twelve sections that consist of three videos of around ten minutes per section.
Lisa Cron doesn’t linger on a subject too long, in a sense teaching by doing. You can certainly see numerous other elements in the structure of the course itself that reflect the elements that she is attempting to impart upon students. Her manner is friendly throughout, giving the sense that she has a stake in the student actually learning what she is teaching.
Though I may have disagreed with some her points (this is likely an issue with my understanding of the terminology used rather than errors on Lisa’s part), I found the course to be an excellent introduction to fiction writing as well as a nice refresher for more experienced writers. If you have the chance to check out the course then I highly recommend that you do so because it is always helpful to keep the elements fresh in your mind whenever you are doing any form of communication.

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World of Keiko 02/19/2016

Hey there, guys. Another lengthy delay since the last post. Some stuff has happened, making use of my computer difficult. Apart from some small amount of study, as well as learning about craft and watching TV, most of my time recently has been spent dealing with computer issues.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic due to both of our computers crapping themselves. Hubby’s machine had been dying since a major storm a few months ago, but the power supply finally gave up the ghost. He used a 450W to cover him for a week or so while a sizable order came in. He’d pretty much decided that given his numerous issues with hard drives and whatnot that it was time for a computer replacement. He asked if I wanted a new computer as well, and given the performance of my own clunker, I informed him that I wanted a new one as well. It was just as well that I did because a few days later my own computer had issues of its own. I had installed a Windows 10 update that caused a PCIE conflict with the SSD that I had the operating system on catching a BSOD watchdog error. Some further diagnosis indicated that we were unable to download relevant drivers for the drive to potentially sort the issue due to incompatibility with the older motherboard (at least seven years old). He ended up removing my old games drive as well because it was apparent that it had been on its way out for the past month, and installed Windows 7 on another hard drive until the parts arrived.
The parts arrived after some major annoyances with the folks that we had purchased them from. The told us some parts weren’t available and at least one of the motherboards that we’d ordered was unavailable because the second one sitting in their warehouse was damaged. We changed the order to incorporate a different motherboard and told them to send the second motherboard separately when their new stock arrived. Problem is that in spite of our request for them to send the main order right away, they didn’t, instead sending the motherboard first. We’d prompted them on numerous times to just send the damn order. Finally, we had a sales rep put us through to the warehouse to put a fire up their ass. The chap on that end had no clue about our order apparently (this is actually quite likely given the sending of the motherboard earlier), and sorted it that same day, refunding our postage on the order for the annoyance. We had pointed out that we have spend tens of thousands of dollars with them over the years for various builds for ourselves and friends, and he didn’t want to lose our business for an avoidable cock-up. We still aren’t happy, but we at least have our machines rebuilt now.
The builds made use of only a few old parts. Hubby’s build went smoothly until he tried to turn on the machine and it immediately shut down for some reason. He went to bed at 6 AM feeling devastated, but managed to sort the problem. The issue remains a mystery, but the computer is at least working now. I am now using hubby’s old CPU watercooling system, a new thing for me. It was a pain in the ass installing it onto my old tower as there were some clearance issues on the top backside of the case. That took several hours to sort. My own build took the longest due to that CPU cooler, and we had to do a run over to Sarina to get some thermal gel. [For those that are unaware, thermal gel in this context is a gel that acts as a barrier between the CPU and cooling to avoid the CPU from overheating. It is essential if you want your computer to work. New coolers usually comes with a small amount for your install. Don’t put on too much though or it will squish onto your motherboard and kill it. There are several companies that sell tubes of the stuff separately, some of which are performance gels that make your machine run slightly cooler than less expensive products. We got a run of the mill gel that is good enough for what we need it for.]
We then went about checking integrity of hard drives, trying to save (unsuccessfully) drives with issues and transferring files onto stable swap disks. Bad drives, of which there are at least three (hubby lost 2 and I lost my games drive, with my old 750 Barracuda to be dumped soon as well even though it still works as its been slowing down over the last year or so) have been put on a pile, though I am unsure of what hubby intends to do with my old SSD, though I suspect that it will be added to the pile given that it can no longer be used due to the Windows 10 conflict. We intend on getting new drives over the next few months (budget restraints, hence the wait), and will be building a spare computer on top of our own to cover us if one of ours packs it in again. This computer will be hooked up to the TV and will be used to stream from our computers. It looks like we will be using hubby’s old motherboard and will make use of my old clunker of a cooling rig.
As for my Windows install, that ran okay, but the following day a watermark on the screen saying that it was not activated caused a pain for me. I was feeling put out by the experience as their recent update had created the issue with my old SSD leading to the new build. I searched online for solutions for dealing with my OEM re-install. After several hours, I felt crappy because it appeared that I would need to wait on a phone for an extended period of time. Then I noticed an article talking about the Windows “Contact Support” app. With hubby’s prompting, I gave it a shot. I was in a one-on-one chat with a Ma.Leah, a cool lady that sorted my issue using remote access. This was my first experience with remote access, and I was initially concerned after hearing a horror story about one of hubby’s former workmates having his computer screwed over by a chap working for Telstra. She dealt with my problem within 30 minutes, the task made longer because of time spent waiting for clarification and typing to each other. Her assistance made a previously crappy day awesome, restoring my faith in humanity.
I am slowly reinstalling games and other software, though I am guessing that it might take some time to get back to normal. Its been stressful, there’s no doubt, but it also brought to light how much I rely upon my computer. I have considering ways of dealing with this reliance upon my desktop in particular, and I am seriously considering getting a laptop with touchscreen sometime in the not-so-distant future.

I have trying to get into craft and sewing over the past few month. I have been spending much of the time that I would have spent playing computer games looking at tutorials as well as researching tools and materials for my sewing and craft room. OneNote has been pretty neat in organizing my wishlist, with a number of websites offering repositories of free project plans. And of course, Pinterest rocks for finding new projects, tips and ideas.
I managed to snag the beginnings of a sewing kit (sewing box, pins, two scissors, measuring tapes, and seam rippers) to go with some thread and needles that I already had. I still have some way to go, but these items have opened up some options for sewing projects. I intend to make some tablet envelopes and some hanging organizers when I finally decide on material for the tasks. I will need to get some material though, as well as elastic, velcro, clips and several other materials. Eventually I hope to get a sewing machine, but I feel that I am lack some knowledge ahead of such a purchase and do not wish to waste money.
As for the craft-y stuff, I snagged some Bostick glue for half price at Woolworths on Monday. The two types of glue will make some difference, though it is basically all that I have for the craft kit apart from some recyclables. I have already been making some dividers for cans. They act as reasonable pen holder, but aren’t particularly attractive at present. As such, I will be decorating them as soon as I have some materials and appropriate glue for the task. Also, the little buckets that I made by cutting up plastic milk bottles came in handy when we were pulling apart and building our computers. Hubby seems to be a bit less annoyed with my increased interest in craft as a result, but is still mildly skeptical.

We’ve started watching Grimm, which I am happy to say that hubby seems to enjoy. Grimm is an odd series but goes about telling the story of a detective that is monster hunter by genetics that awakens to find that he can see monsters, and that his family imparted stories of their own dealings with monsters via the Grimm stories. He befriends a palates, beer and music-loving werewolf that often helps him out in his investigations. He has to make sense of a tricky world where monsters are not always the bad guys, with the foreshadowing that a big bad is on the way. I like the show, though my hubby often pokes fun at the shoddy police procedure.
We finished the anime series Demon King Daimao, which was freaking hilarious. The world-building in the series is pretty neat, with a large matrix determining who does and does not get science, as well as the nature of that magic. The main character, a young man raised in a religious-based orphanage, finally gets into a prestigious magic academy, and is told by a chain-smoking destiny-determining Penguin construct (like the hat in Harry Potter), that he is the Demon King. This is a pretty big deal as it puts him in the eye of numerous assassins, at odds with the cute girl that he befriended on the hover train ride to the academy, and desired for the machinations of various figures. It is a funny if sometimes pervy story about a good-natured if somewhat mistreated hero, his friends, an auto-erotic necromancer witch, a pet dragon, dodgy programmers and a war-mongering government. This is for mature audiences due to the adult content.
We’ve started watching a neat supernatural comedy anime called Noragami. Noragami is the charming story of a Japanese War God named Yato who is trying to get followers and therefore fame. He now calls himself “Delivery God Yato” and sells his services to the few that don’t fall for the charms of more popular deities. After the first battle where we meet him, his Regalia (a spirit that can turn into weapons or other objects when called upon) decides to leave him. During a search for a cat, a teenage girl gets hit by a bus whilst trying to save a young man that she believed to be in danger. Because of the incident, it becomes apparent that she has a spirit leakage problem and she asks him for help in fixing it. He now has to find a replacement regalia to continue his work, but is constantly pestered by the girl who is becoming increasingly concerned by the regularly occurrence of her spirit falling out of her body which places her in genuine danger from evil spirits. It is a pretty cute show so far, with some decent world-building that makes use of some existing mythology.


World of Keiko 01/23/2016

Hey there! It has been a couple of months since my last update. Not much has happened here, though that isn’t a defense for my slackness in posting. I will attempt to post more regularly. On a good note, one of the locals that I have befriended has prompted me to get me back into a blog schedule. Shout out to Nikki!
The weather of late has moved between windy to still, hot and dry, to muggy or wet. The birds have been busy, with many making short work of the fruit from the various mango trees along the creek behind the house. The finches, sunbirds, crows, parrots, magpies, etc… all like mangoes apparently. I find it interesting to see how many critters make use of the fruit and/or tree. The usual collection of Pee Wees, Willy Wagtails and and Plovers have been around, though the cockatoos, pigeons and doves seem to be hanging out more on the other side of the creek these days. “Turkey Joe” the Bush Turkey occasionally pokes his head up for some noms, but I think that it might be getting too hot even for him. The cranes and storks have been hunting in the creek along with ducks and water hens. Not much activity in the way of the several raptor species that live around here, and I believe may be hunting closer to their nests. Given that I haven’t gone for a walk down to the campsite, no new sightings of the brolgas. I might go for a walk again sometime next week.
Anyway, I suppose that I should tell you what I’ve been up to.

Hubby and I watched the new Star Wars on Christmas Eve. We found it to doing a great job of emulating the original mid-trilogy.
We’ve been working through the episodes of the heavily thrilled yet oddly addictive show Blacklist. We watched and I mildly enjoyed the first season of Vikings, but I found myself easily distracted. We also finished up Heroes: Reborn as well, a series that had so many easily avoidable technical errors and plot screw-ups. We are currently up to date with Elementary, a show that I finally got hubby back into after a six month hiatus. When we first started watching it, he was a little distracted by the show Sherlock. Although Sherlock is good, there is something oddly charming about Elementary that makes me more inclined to watch it over Sherlock which is also a good show. I couldn’t quite get hubby interested in Lost Girl or Unforgettable, in spite of myself enjoying the first episode of both shows. Expanse, Billions and Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands are all promising for their own reasons. As for The 100, I found it to be a bit too focused on “attractive teens” then deal with some of the plot problems that crop up. Even the apparently starving and air-deprived people tend to be in good condition. I am considering getting back into Grim at some stage, but I doubt that I’ll go back to Sleepy Hollow as the first episode was exceptionally weak in my personal opinion.
As for anime, we finished the first seasons of Overlord (an odd quasi-fantasy series, but it has neat characters and a solid storyline), One Punch Man (epic superhero silliness that is freaking hilarious), Tokyo Ghoul (the main character is a little whiny, but it has some nice world-building and a solid storyline to make use of some really neat characters) and No Game No Life (weird, but brilliant funny series). We are now watching Terror in Resonance, a show about two young terrorists in Japan that stole a nuclear weapon months ahead of the beginning of their campaign of terror. It touches on the reasons behind their hatred, time spent at an institution. We see the story partially through the eyes of a troubled girl that has been forced to join them or die after noticing one at the site of their first bombings. As for anime series that I am currently considering watching next, I am currently thinking Fairy Tail, Parasyte: The Maximum and Karneval.

Not much in either department actually. Some mild edits of plot layouts, but I still haven’t moved my work over to onenote for better organization of my work. Its funny that I have been talking doing so for months but still haven’t done it. I suppose that it is simply linked to old habits. On a good note, OneNote 2016 looks awesome and my computer is having a lot less issues since moving to Windows 10. BTW, I am really digging Windows 10.
As for reading, I have been spending more time reading non-fiction articles predominantly related to language learning. I did make some headway on a LibriVox recording of American Indian Fairy Tales by Larned and Schoolcraft as read by Chip from Tampa Bay in Florida. I have listened to some of Chip’s narration before and enjoy his voice. I have a few more stories to go before I am done, but seriously need to up my reading if I want to get anywhere near my reading challenge target for the year. Last year’s result was atrocious, but understandable given the move and other stuff that happened.

What have you working on? Been reading any good books?

I haven’t done much “formal” (def. formatted for institutional use) study in the last few months, my momentum and subsequent enthusiasm being stilted by the hot weather and Christmas break.  It has been a little annoying, which is odd given that study was meant to augment my understanding of the world rather than to become a chore. That being said, I still have some genuinely interesting self-paced MOOCs on medieval text (scrolls, books and printing) by Harvard at EdX waiting to be completed.
That being said, I did finally bring out the Duolingo app on my Windows phone a few weeks ago and started using it. I haven’t done any lessons since early last year, but some of the words were still familiar to me. I became addicted to the lessons, even ignoring the computer game RIFT until two days ago. I am predominantly focusing on Portuguese and Dutch at present, two languages that also tie in well with other languages. Dutch and German use a lot of similar words, whilst Portuguese has a lot in common with Spanish. Having some mild background in both, Dutch and Portuguese seemed like good choices. Of the two, I have taken a real liking to Dutch. The only issue is that I sometimes use the German equivalent of a word by mistake. At least I don’t have to I originally decided to give Portuguese a run because of a recommendation by Jose “StrawHatRican” Morales, a gamer, youtube, writer friend of mine when I asked about alternatives to Spanish.
In lieu of my renewed focus on language learning, I have enrolled in “The Bilingual Brain” at Coursera, a course that I started a while back but wasn’t able to finish due to some personal stuff that came up. I have also started using OneNote for lecture notes. This method will likely not be as useful when I start learning a language with different script as adding symbols from a vastly different language can be a real pain in the ass. I have done some research on websites from which to learn either Korean (top pick for reason of the logical script that was implemented a decade or so ago), Cantonese, Mandarin (Man- Darren) or Japanese. However, I want to become somewhat proficient in something that I am currently learning before moving on to something different.

What have you been learning of late?

As mentioned above, I have been playing a lot less RIFT of late due to language learning. It feels odd actually, though it feels more like a chore logging in to my account these days. Though I also have Black Desert Online, I suspect that I probably won’t be playing much in the upcoming year. I don’t believe that this is necessarily a loss.

Which games have you been playing recently?

Have I been exercising as much as I’d like to say that I do? Nope. I did add some calf raises and inverted situps into my infrequent 10km on the treadmill, but have found my recent attempts to do push-ups to be an issue due to a bung right wrist. As for diet,

How are your own health and fitness goals panning out?


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